Letter from CEO

Dear Investors:

Business is about making decisions and executing on them. Your success depends on your ability to develop speed as a habit in both. We live in a world that pushes us to achieve short-term goals and to the constant evaluation of our decisions.

We live in a world in constant pursuit of results; that is, “profitability” in every decision we make in every aspect of our lives.

Both, individual and corporate equity investors are moved by that same impulse…

We all know that financial markets are volatile, with trends, risks and other variables that directly affect their development and results. That is why the importance of thoughtful, reasoned advice is key to achieving what every investor is expecting:consistent gains.

Investment in assets listed on stock markets has always been considered as one of the most risky options, but, on the other hand, they could yield higher revenue. Stock markets can certainly be the most attractive alternative. As a result, specialized knowledge and experience are essential when looking for an investment advisor. At TailorTrade, we provide this intangible — but priceless — benefit.

We also know that risk management plays a crucial role in both long-term and short-term investment. The choice of an individualized strategy for risk management consider is crucial so that investments are not a constant concern. We seek trust and confidence in our investments but, more importantly, our investors.

TailorTrade thoroughly evaluates all the risks on the companies in which we invest, and these elements are tightly controlled. We minimize the likelihood of downside risk and increase the upside possibilities, all through our own unique model – Dynamic TTC Stock Selection Model ®- following our investment strategies that are giving us excellent results.

In fact, our positioning in companies from different sectors, countries and currencies have given us, repeatedly, above-market returns.

The human capital that we have , the expertise, talent and commitment that it represents, as well as the results obtained, have become a benchmark of confidence for our investors. In these accomplishments we are sincerely proud.

The continued growth of TailorTrade is the result of our tireless, continous work to fulfill the expectations and demands of our sophisticated client.

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Miami, FL 33131
+1 (786) 257-2742
Paseo de la Ermita 9
28023 Madrid
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